Being too sensitive

Have you been told to stop being so sensitive? You’re just too sensitive?
I have and I have supported a lot of women especially, who have been told this from various people throughout their life. It’s told as if it’s a behaviour that isn’t valued and they need to stop doing/being it.

I’m here to shed a new light on it, to support my fellow sensitives!

I am energetically exceptionally sensitive, and can experience high levels of stimulation from people and my environment. I fought and resisted this for most of my earlier life. Now I can connect with it being one of my greatest gifts, as without, I would not be able to do the life work I do.

When I work with women who are sensitive, I usually see similar traits, these are:

•    Frequent overwhelm
•    Little understanding as to why they feel how they feel
•    Trying to feel better, but often to little avail
•    Telling themselves to stop being so sensitive and get on with it
•    Pulling away from those around them, often needing time alone
•    High levels of fatigue
•    Can include physically symptoms like anxiety or nausea when around certain people / environments.
•    Poor opinions of themselves
•    Low confidence / self-worth
•    Using substances to help numb them, alcohol, drugs, foods.

Increase your self-perception, build your self-confidence
and help you to experience the vibrant, creative,
WONDER WOMEN you are. Tara Perlaki, Founder
Are you sensitive? It may be your flow. Analyse it and become the wonder woman that you are.
If you feel this applies to you, there are things you can do:

•    Ground and protect your energy on a daily basis. There are techniques to do this all over the internet, YouTube shares some amazing techniques.
•    Become aware of what it is that you are sensitive too. So many women are on overload because they have no awareness of what they are actually reacting to and therefore will find it difficult to support themselves.
•    Spend time and listen to what your sensitivity is telling you – instead of resisting it and telling yourself to be something else. Listen to it – it really does contain some amazing messages if only you make the space to listen to it.
•    Learn your body and your Feminine Flow during your monthly cycle. Journal times when you are feeling very sensitive and what you are reacting to. Next, relate this to your monthly cycle and where you are on it. Women are naturally more sensitive just before they come on their period and at the start of their bleed. This is completely normal, but many women are simply not aware of where they are in their cycle, or confident that they are just being normal. I observe this happening so often with women and it can really effect how they feel about themselves and their confidence.

If you would like to investigate further into your sensitivities, monthly cycle and how it affects you there are several ways you can do this. Either arrange to have a 1-1 session with me, or you can come on my 4 Week Feminine Flow Course that’s starting in April.

The course will support you to; increase your self-perception, build your self-confidence and help you to experience the vibrant, creative, WONDER WOMEN you are. In addition to this, you will create deep insights and understanding of yourself and others.

Tara xx

Tara Perlaki – your Feminine Flow champion!

Tara works with women to educate them with positive, helpful and healthy ways in which they can work with their fertility, their periods and embracing their femininity.
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Love Tara xx

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