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The Feminine Space is here to guide and educate you about your body, mind and spirit. It’s the sort of stuff that really should be taught in schools, but for some reason, is not!

I meet women everyday who are suffering with anxiety, feeling low, lacking confidence and self-worth. Often, they feel demotivated or in a state of exhaustion and overwhelm.

I believe education is the key ingredient to transform from these negative states into someone who feels empowered, energised, aligned and filled with purpose and confidence. By education – I mean the stuff that actually makes sense and is absolutely relevant to you. There are so many “Ah-Ha” moments from the women I help as for the first time they understand.  

So how does the Feminine Space help you feel supported to become empowered and take control of your life?

Tara helped me gain permission to BE me and to work so much more intuitvely to my bodies needs throughout the month was HUGE. Such amazing insights and understanding of me as a woman.Kara Grant

We explore your:


Your mind is INCREDIBLY powerful. It is full of beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world around you. The Feminine Space helps you explore what’s going on for you and to ensure your beliefs and ideas are empowering rather than destructive.


As women, we receive literally thousands of messages about how we should look and live every day. A huge number of these messages are unhealthy, often harmful to your psyche’s as they are based in fear. The motivation of those who create these messages is to get you to buy a certain product or lifestyle.

The Feminine Space helps you to clear out all the rubbish messages, to create plans that are tailored to you, to help you feel great.


How you connect to yourself and others, makes all the difference to your energy and vitality. The Feminine Space explores practices to help you deepen your connection and increase your energy.

Let’s delve a little deeper:

  1. Beliefs – It’s amazing what stuff you pick up from in the womb and from your parents, teachers and other people throughout your life. We use these beliefs to create our rule book for life. As we grow up, beliefs which may have been super helpful at one time, no longer serve us. At The Feminine Space we explore – does this belief still serve me?If yes, then great, if not, then dump it and replace it with one that will help you to feel awesome and aligned.
  2. Visualisations – the power of the mind is PHENOMENAL! I will show you some awesome visualisations that will help you to feel empowered and attract more of what you want into your life.
  3. Stress – We help you to learn to become aware of what triggers you to feel stressed, and teach you techniques that will help prevent this.
The tools you gave me were tailored to me, which helped me to feel empowered to own them as my own. You saw me as an individual person and tailored and adapted the sessions to suit me. You provided support from every angle, it was just what I needed.Abby

Creating A Safe Space

And finally, you can talk to me about anything – I provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to share.
I know that your experiences are completely unique to you and that’s why I hold the space for you to come just as you are.

I offer gentle, nurturing, safe space where you can find the advice and guidance to discover the real you.

Women tell me the difference they feel after they have shared is UNBELIEVABLE! The freedom, lightness and sense of relief when they know it’s safe to share, they are not judged and that they don’t have to do it all themselves is PHENOMENAL!

What you receive :

  • My intuition and ability to get to the heart of a problem even when you are not certain what it is that’s the issue, is one of my greatest abilities.  Using my intuition, I help you to become more aware, help you acknowledge the issue and to heal
  • Guidance from every angle – my unique approach supports you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It takes every part of you into consideration in a holistic was promoting faster healing
  • A safe space to explore your emotions, work through your fears, expressing yourself freely so you can feel supported and gain confidence.
  • The opportunity to rebuild your strength and self-love helping you to take life changing actions.
  • Understanding of how your stress gets triggered so you can stop, think and give yourself some space, which promotes healthier behaviours and less stress
  • A release of emotions including those you didn’t even know were there, all whilst being held in a safe and sacred space which allows this to happen safely.
  • The chance to create plans that are easy to use and ones that you WANT to follow.
  • Tools and resources that will be specific to you and your needs, ones you can use at home, keeping you motivated on your life changing journey.

Personal development can be messy and at times, feel very challenging, that’s why it’s always worthwhile having the support of people who believe in you whilst you learn to believe in yourself.

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We start our journey together having an initial consultation for £85. Because you are beautifully unique, in my vast experience, I will not know how many sessions you require until we have met and had your initial consultation.

Sometimes, you may only need the Initial Consultation, for others of you, you will need more in-depth time and energy.

Packages start from £425.

I wish you lots of love on your journey.

Tara xxx

My sessions were gentle, beautiful, supported and safe. You taught me so much in each session.Kerry Mcarthy

No matter where you are on your journey, The Feminine Space offers something for everyone:

  • Empowered one to one sessions
  • Either face to face or across Skype, depending where you live.
  • Empowered group events
  • I offer several different workshops, courses and retreats, group sessions, all with various themes that will get you rocking your life.
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