Fertility Support

Hey beautiful, are you worried about getting pregnant?

Do you feel…
• Overwhelmed about everything?
• Unsure when the right time to “do it” is?
• Scared about talking to your partner / friends / family?
• Something’s not quite right, but don’t know what?
• Alone and believe that no-one understands?

I get it!!

OMG, there is so much stuff out there, telling you what to take, and what to do.

It’s my job to listen to you, offer simple guidance and get you feeling good again.

But what’s right for you?

It all comes with a hefty price tag, huge promises and LOADS of information.

No wonder you’re freaking out!

Let’s stop, take a breath together and before you go any further – know, you’ve got this!
And whatever you haven’t got, I’ve got enough to share.

I’m guessing that as you are reading this, your journey to becoming a mum has already had a few (or many) bumps in the road. I want you to know that is absolutely A-Okay!

Fertility is made of many complex factors, and it’s my job to listen to you, offer simple guidance and get you feeling good again.

And of course – fertile, I’m not called the WombWorker for nothing!

Biology is a great place to start, but you are more than a set of body parts, you’ve got a mind, emotions, and you’re not afraid to use them! Fertility challenges cut deep, very bleeding deep, and that’s why I do what I do – so you’re not alone.

Taking you by your hand (or ovaries – WombWorker joke), let me show you what we will explore together.

After several years of infertility I am now 30 weeks pregnant and truly believe this was down to the fertility massages I received. I couldn’t be happier!Hayley Glen

Your Mind

Beliefs and ideas about becoming a mum are super important as they can create awesome fertility or trap you into negative, limited, stressful thinking. And we all know stress isn’t helpful to anyone!

Your Body

Confused or overwhelmed about what you “should” be doing? I’m not surprised – there is soooo much information out there. Let’s get straight to the point – what you eat, what you do, and how you live day-to-day can all impact your fertility. We explore simple things you can do to help you get fertile fit!

Your Energy / Spirit

Week in, week out, you will have different energy, skills, and abilities due to your hormones. Learning to work with your body’s natural rhythms is an instant energy booster, which makes it fantastic for your fertility.

Let’s delve a little deeper:

• Beliefs – your beliefs about yourself, your relationships and becoming a mum are a MUST to explore. If there are any beliefs holding you back, then it’s time for them to go, and get replaced with fertility-friendly ones instead.
• Visualisations – what your mind sees, it believes, it’s that simple! I share fertility boosting visualisations with you.
• Stress – the number one biggest killer of hopes, dreams, passions, libido, humour, and of course fertility. Learn what is triggering your stress levels, and how to overcome them.

IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation

Have you got mixed feelings about this? Grateful for the opportunity, but gee-whiz, it all feels full on in every way.

Well, I’m not gonna lie to you, it feels full on… because it is!

If you are considering going down this route, please have a chat with me first. I can tell you what’s really involved and what to consider when choosing a clinic.

Massive note – clinics are not all the same, and the type of IVF offered can vary between each one!

This is really something worth knowing, because in my experience, Doctors don’t tend to share much about this with you.

• If you know you are going to do IVF, do you have a plan?
• Have you and your partner agreed how you’ll get ready for IVF?
• How you’ll live during the IVF treatment, and by this I mean work, social events etc?
• And, have you discussed what will happen after? Either the excitement of seeing the two blue/pink lines or the disappointment and grief if unsuccessful?

I say these messages with love, because this is the stuff that very few doctors talk or address and yet, it’s really important!

IVF is not an easy option, and it can place financial, emotional and physical strain on couples.

The more support you have available, the more plans you have in place and the healthier you are physically, emotionally and energetically, the easier for you to navigate this challenging path.

Doctors are going to introduce the sperm and egg, the rest is up to you. As I said before, you are more than body parts, which is why I am so passionate about bringing you practical support like information about what to eat, but I also want to share ways to make this a more loving, nurturing experience for you and your partner.

Suffering from PCOS, Doctors always told me that ovulation would be my biggest struggle, having been on contraception (to manage PCOS) since I was 14. Having worked with Tara prior to coming off contraception I ovulated in month 1!Louise Stephens


Sadly, this happens. It’s shit, it’s devastating! Maybe it’s your first miscarriage, or maybe you’ve miscarried several times.

It doesn’t matter how far gone you were, once you see those two lines and know you’re pregnant, you’ve become a mum. And when that ends, it hurts both physically and emotionally.

Time to talk, share and be listened to is so needed during this time. I offer you space to be heard, held, and nurtured. You don’t have to go through it alone!

So how will I support you?

Regular sessions in my log cabin or via Skype are arranged. The first session will include an in-depth look at what’s gone on for you, and what you need from our time together. Establishing this is key, as each of you is unique and so is the support I provide.

Packages start from £425.

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