I love my THINX knickers


I first came across Thinx knickers back in November – it was husband who pointed them out to me. Last year was the year of making friends with my womb and part of that was considering the type of sanitary products I was using.

It’s hard to break habits, especially as I was so fearful over the potential of leaking. I have a very heavy monthly bleed, so much so, that it left me with chronic anaemia that I am still healing and repairing my body from.

But my journey to make friends with my womb lead me to feeling brave and starting to use the Moon Cup, as they are free from any toxic chemicals and bleaches and much better for the environment as they are reusable. Both massive pro’s for me.

My period is heavy enough that I need support for the first 3 days of my period. This is where the Thinx Knickers come in – as a replacement for sanitary towels / panty liners.

THINX knickers
I got the “Cheeky” ones and the “Hiphuggers” and I LOVE them

I feel great when I wear them as they are really good looking knickers. They are comfortable, they kept me feeling fresh and didn’t “rustle” when I walked or bunch up or move about, rendering them in effective at times. At night they feel really safe as they sit flush to your skin – again staying put with little movement.

The technology that is in them is great, as they feel only a little heavier / thicker than normal knickers, but have the breathability of normal knickers.

I will consistently be using them from now on when I am using my Moon Cup, or when I am coming towards the end of my cycle and I just need that little extra protection before returning to my usual knickers.

Oh – and if it wasn’t enough that the knickers are free from horrible chemicals and bleaches, and reusable so great for the environment, they are also ethical! For every pair sold, a donation is made to a charity in Uganda to keep girls in school during their periods by providing sanitary towels, rather than then using what’s available to them, which is usually twigs and leaves – which understandably, is not very effective. This results in keeping more women in education, as opposed to what has historically been happening, which is they drop out because they miss out on schooling each month and eventually, when they get too far behind, they drop out of education altogether. Thinx are empowering women around the globe!

Hurray for Miki (THINX creator) for having the initiative and drive to go against the grain and get something new developed for women

We need more women like her on the planet!

Below is the images – I would love to hear your thoughts? Or perhaps you’ve tried them – what did you think?

P.S. You can find out more about THINX and their team shethinx.com

Tara xx


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