Iron and woman’s health

The importance of vitamins and minerals within the body, is not a concept that is lost on me. However, I am willing to share with you a true example as to how detrimental a deficiency in one can be.

On 9th July 2015 I received the diagnosis of anaemia from my doctors due the results of my blood tests. I should have had between 30-300 level of Ferrum, but I only had 7. I was very low. The doctor even said to me, you must have a determined personality to have been carrying on with levels as low as this!

I had just been diagnosed with suspected Asthma due to breathlessness, a couple of weeks before and was prescribed Asthma inhalers that I was to take twice a day, with the understanding that this may be for the rest of my life.

The breathlessness was something I had been experiencing, chronically, for at least 6 years, if not longer. I had attributed to the shocking death of a close friend, so I was treating myself complementary therapies as when I had seen doctors before, they didn’t know what to do about it.

Once I was diagnosed, I began taking Iron immediately (although I must stress, the iron you can receive over the counter at Pharmacies, whilst exceptionally cheap,  is not the best quality and can often lead to people experiencing constipation and nausea).

Iron and woman’s health

After only a few days of taking Iron, my breathlessness ceased and I am pleased to say it has to this day over 2 months later. I gave myself 1 month of very little physical activity and then began to build it up, starting with walking and have now progressed to PT sessions 3-4 times a week. I feel great!

10 weeks after I began taking Iron and can claim:
• I feel great
• I have consistent energy
• I feel confident to be physically active
• I feel physically strong
• I have clarity of thought

I no longer experience:
• Dizziness that can come from me walking, or whilst I was sitting down. It had gotten so bad that I was feeling to unconfident I could walk the 5 minutes to the shop alone.
• Fatigue – being so drained of energy that I would be bone tired both mentally and physically
• Breathlessness that would come and go. When I was breathless, I could easily walk 4 miles, when I was breathless, I couldn’t walk up the stairs without being exhausted.
• Insomnia – not able to sleep which further enhanced my feeling fatigued and drained.
• Anxiety – heart palpitations, feeling like I was gasping for breath, restlessness, wired.

Only now, when symptoms of anaemia are going I am realising just how debilitating it had become for me.Tara Perlaki, Founder

Only now, when symptoms of anaemia are going I am realising just how debilitating it had become for me. I have always enjoyed being an active person, but I was detaching myself further and further because I was becoming more and more fatigued and had breathlessness that I never knew when it would make an appearance as it seemed to lack any sort of pattern .

There are several reasons someone maybe anaemic, a few include:
• Heavy menstrual bleeding (this was my cause)
• Pregnancy
• Lack of iron in your diet

Foods to include Iron in your diet:
+ dark-green leafy vegetables, such as watercress and curly kale
+ iron-fortified cereals or bread
+ brown rice
+ pulses and beans
+ nuts and seeds
+ white and red meat
+ fish
+ tofu

If you have any questions or concerns that you maybe anaemic, firstly, get your doctor to perform a blood test to find out. It is the surest way to know.

If you are concerned this effects you, make and appointment to come and see me and we can explore this together further.

Tara x

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