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It’s my vision that every woman is empowered to show up in the world as the awesome, unique, beautiful woman she is. I am a Kinesiologist, who is an expert on women’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, with a specialism in menstrual health and fertility.

Women should love who they are, be confident, be in control and be who they want to be!

Connecting for a better life

Each and every day I connect with women who hide themselves away because they don’t feel good enough. For them being loving and compassionate to themselves is just out the question. We are born full of confidence and joy. Something happens along the way to knock the stuffing out of many women. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Women being Awesome!

Women are awesome! At their best they are equal to anything. It’s time for each and every woman to own their magnificence they have lost along the way.

Reaching your potential

Even the most successful women I meet, believe the same self BS that we all have which keeps us small. It’s this stuff that can make us experience anxiety, low mood, fatigue, extreme PMT and infertility.
I have been helping women develop their potential both personally and professionally for the past 15 years.

I’m Tara Perlaki! I am passionate about personal and spiritual development and I LOVE learning new stuff. I can usually be found with my head in a book or watching a video on YouTube – I’m such a geek like that!

“I love the work that I do and how I am able to give back to the world.”
I value authenticity, honesty and integrity, whilst embracing a life that’s full of fun, freedom and creativity. My strong intuition combined with a passionate drive to make a positive difference to the world, keeps me energised, even when I’m having a rubbish day.

I love my life. I love the people in it. I love the work that I do and how I am able to give back to the world. I love the creative ways I get to connect and bring together women from around the world helping them to feel awesome about who they are. How amazing is that?!
My friends describe me as being wise, brave, calm and full of serenity. This is all mixed with a blend of bat-shit, colourful, crazy and a totally stupid sense of humour when I let my hair down.

What you do is outstanding. I’ve always loved coming to your cabin and having my me time, learning about myself and leaving feeling fabulousSally Parkinson

Who am I?

Let me share with you a little about my journey:

There is much to tell, yet so little time and space in which to share with you– so here’s a little overview.
Growing up, I was crippled by lack of confidence and anxiety (this can still show itself time to time, but thankfully, it’s much more under control now).

I have a fast and active brain which can easily turn really, I mean really, destructive when it doesn’t have a healthy outlet or focus.

My relationship to being a woman was poor – I’d go so far as to say it was abusive. I hated myself, hated being a woman. My periods were a living hell, something to be survived each month. This went on for years! I had heavy and incredibly painful bleeds, often accompanied by PMT that lasted 7-10 days. I was often anaemic, would eat sugary foods or drink caffeine to help to give me energy. This (I was to learn) made my hormonal problems even worse.

When it came time to have a baby, surprise-surprise, one did not appear. Thus began a 5-year journey that included blood tests, little explanations from professionals, two rounds of IVF, a pregnancy and a miscarriage. It’s pretty safe to say, it’s been tough!

However, out of these challenges have arisen several things I am truly grateful for within my fertility journey. I got to know and understand my body. I sought out education that showed me how to work with my body – not against and this finally stopped me feeling like a freak. I started to accept and love myself.

“To honour the womb is to honour the woman.”

I now feel empowered! This has made all the difference to my periods, fertility and daily experience of being a woman. I now friggin love being a woman because I now understand me!

It’s through my journey that I created The Feminine Space. I believe to honour the womb is to honour the woman. Somehow, in modern life we have become so disconnected from our feminine energy and this is making us sick. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling empowered to create a life that feels creative, loving, powerful, supported, energised, revitalised and one where your excited about your future.

This is what The Feminine Space helps women achieve every day.

Whether your focus is your job, your relationship, your periods or trying to have a baby, The Feminine Space will guide and support you, helping you achieve success.

The next time you feel like a lunatic cause you’re in the bat-shit crazy phase of your menstrual cycle, or you’re so worried about getting pregnant because some doctor told you you’d have difficulty, know you are not alone!

You don’t have to do it by yourself.

The Feminine Space has your back and so has the ever-growing community of women who belong. Women just like you!
The Feminine Space educates you about your body and your lady parts. It shares invaluable tools that are tailored to your needs helping to empower you in your everyday life, supporting you to grow in confidence, develop self-love and learn to trust yourself.
All whilst feeling nurtured, safe to explore your emotions and work through your fears so you can feel more in control of your life and change it for the better.

Wishing you all the best on your journey,
Tara xx

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